A Few Reasons Why You Should Not Be Here

About pages are always tricky. People want to use this space to talk about themselves. It's their website after all.

That's never served me well. I'm a firm believer that if you are in business, every activity needs to produce something of value for your audience.

So rather than tell you all about how I've spent a lot of time doing things online, or that I'm old enough to be elected president in the United States, here's my character sheet...

Gabriel Mercer - Medium humanoid (human mercenary), chaotic good.

  • BACKGROUND - 10+ years digital marketing. 8 years information products. 6 years business consultant & private equity investor. 4 years independent publishing.
  • HUMAN TRAITS - Entrepreneur ancestry. Sunlight sensitivity. Donut addiction.
  • MERCENARY FEATURES - Marketing strategy. Premium branding. Conversion optimization. Email marketing. Paid advertising.
  • EQUIPMENT - For a complete list of tools, please visit the resources page.

Now we can skip straight to the question you're probably asking...

Am I worth your time and attention?

​For many people the answer is a resounding "No."

Here's why...​

I can't help if you don't have a finished book.

Keep in mind, this doesn't have to be something you've written. This can also be your first acquisition as a publisher. In either case...

You need to have at least one fully developed series (or 5 standalone novels) in order for us to work together. 

Specializing in growth and automation means that I can geometrically increase your results. Except when have none to begin with. Because ten times zero is still zero. 

Publishing is a tough business, and unless you're willing to invest heavily in my services long before you ever make money...

I'm not the right person for you if you don't have a product yet.

If you don't want to advertise, you're not going to see the value in my work.

There's nothing wrong with running your business on a shoestring budget.

Books (generally speaking) are a very low-margin item. It's rare to find any that sell for more than a cup of coffee.

That means your budget needs to be efficient, but you still need to have one.

A simple Google search will turn up thousands of articles about free or guerrilla solutions for book marketing. So-called experts and those with heavy amounts of survivor bias can probably show you exactly how it's worked for them.

For a while. Then you have to hunt down the next "growth hack" or algorithm loophole to game the system. It's always a gimmick.

Which isn't how you build a sustainable business.

I won't teach you how to be a "gold slush" publisher.

This one is critical. I'm fully capable of helping anyone start their very own fiction factory. I just won't.

I refuse to support a creative sweatshop that takes advantage of flaws in the discovery process.

Why? Because I've lived through that once before, and I know exactly where it leads. Less than a decade ago, information products followed the exact same lifecycle that you're seeing in books right now.

Books are slow money. That's because they're truly evergreen. The lifespan of a good story is 70 years.

Building a business in commercial fiction is a long-term game. If you're looking for shortcuts right from the start, you chose the wrong product.

​There are many, many ways to make money. Faster ways. If books are just a means to an end, you're going to find yourself disappointed in the next few years. Technology will catch up to you.

Publishing can absolutely be everything you've heard. Passive income that's "recession proof." Selling from anywhere to a global marketplace. A foothold in the entertainment industry.

That only happens after a great deal of hard work and patience.

Still with me?

Here's what you're getting:

  1. Proven strategies that you can use right now in your book marketing for free.
  2. The occasional premium resource that's going to cost you some money.

What I've discovered through extensive research and even more implementation... is that there is only one foolproof sales method.


So I'll always be 100% transparent when I'm pitching something. Simple as that.

Before that ever happens, you'll always get incredible value from the content I provide.

... and it's free.

​That's how it works. I give you something valuable, and if you like it, you give the paid stuff a try.

​The more helpful I can be, the more you understand what I'm bringing to the table.

So take full advantage.

How do you know if any of this will work for you?

The simplest way is to take a look at some of the free materials.

If you like those, you'll like the rest.

If you don't, that's ok.

There's also the small matter of my background, which I've purposely avoided until it was relevant.

In 2012, I noticed the massive disruption happening in publishing. I shifted away from consulting with fast-paced tech startups to coaching fiction authors.

After years in digital marketing, I saw something that most of the publishing industry wasn't aware of. Indie books were now the same as any other information product.

​Today, I run experiments with my own imprints and give what I learn to my clients. When we can repeat the winning formula, I package the results and bring them to you.

Here's what that looks like.

My goal is to help hard-working creatives do more of what they love, by letting systems handle the parts of their business they don't like or don't have time for.

To do that, I use direct response techniques that have been evolved to fit the digital landscape. The way we communicate has changed... but people are still people.

My clients get leading-edge technology combined with rock-solid fundamentals. This is the same world-class marketing that I used to help 7-figure startups become 8-figure companies.

I'm also a big fan of branding. Which I believe is the one defining factor that can make or break any business. Especially with all the noise these days.

The way you stand out is through demonstration. I show you how to prove that you're worth more than what you're charging.

Ok, so what's next?

Go to the homepage and read some of the case studies there.

If you like those, sign up to get the free training.

If those are helpful, consider buying something when I make you an offer.

Simple, right?​

Many thanks for reading. Go crush it!


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