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You're Only As Strong As Your Next Move

For the last 15 years, I've helped struggling business owners in the areas of marketing, leadership, and systems. In 2014, I turned my attention to independent publishing and built 2 commercial fiction imprints and an author coaching business that totaled 7-figures. Now, I bring groundbreaking entertainment to life. Everything from self-published novels to triple-a video games. If your idea pushes boundaries, challenges convention, or just sounds exciting... reach out and tell me more.

The Path to Results

1. Discovery Call

2. Build Roadmap

3. Quick Wins

4. Test & Learn

5. Automate & Scale

Storytelling & Narrative Design

The heart of every great brand.

Hemingway called 6 words his best work. Powerful narratives override logic. They are a shortcut to build authority, empathy, and trust.


Whether you're shipping a blockbuster or shooting a daily vlog, stories are the emotional currency you deal in. Billion-dollar organizations have been built on nostalgia alone. Long after the media, platforms, and technology have faded... the experience of a compelling story will remain. 


Marketing & Advertising

Consistently turn $1 into $3.

Your ideal audience is online right now. Knowing how to cut through the noise without breaking the bank takes experience and precision.

The reach you can achieve with paid media is limitless... but your budget doesn't have to be. Even if your goal is awareness, its possible to get a measurable return on investment. The landscape is constantly shifting, which is why you need comprehensive tests that identify the highest value for every penny spent.


Team & Infrastructure

Increase your impact without increasing overhead.

"It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learn to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed." ~Charles Darwin


To be world-class at something, you have to focus on your craft. That leaves a lot of other work on the table. Gathering high performers that believe in your mission is critical. In order to draw from a global talent pool, you tailor the hiring process to fit the individual. So you're never sacrificing culture for efficiency.


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